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Profiled in the September issue of Wine Spectator Magazine and “The Art of the Cellar”, Robert Cameron speaks about his background, love of wine and his designs that elevate wine.   The article reads: “A comparable attitude of elevated artistry in service of an abiding love of wine can be found in the work of another up-and-coming Canadian designer, Robert Cameron. A formally trained sommelier with a master’s degree in wine and spirits marketing, Cameron began his career in enological art making paintings made with wine on canvas. When he found that the pigments faded and became muddy with time, he searched for new ways to preserve the color and vibrancy of his chosen medium. The result is a series of sculptures in which wine is suspended in glass and backlit with heatless LEDs, allowing the natural spectra of the liquid at various stages of aging to leap forth undiluted. “I create what I call ‘aesthetic distillations,’ ” says Cameron. “A sommelier will speak about wines verbally; I’m speaking about wines visually. So in my work, when you see symmetry, it’s in reference to balance. When you see the size of phials that the wine is sealed in, that’s in reference to the complexity of the wine. The overall image is in reference to the character or the overall power of the wine.”

These aesthetic distillations reach their apotheosis in the cellar Cameron built for a Toronto-based client in which the entire space is oriented around a 14-foot-tall, Sauternes-filled sculpture hung through the center of the room. The collector, a member of a prominent Canadian family who requested anonymity for this article, commissioned Cameron to convert a 5-foot crawl space in his home into an 18-foot-deep cave, with suede walls, Nero Marquina marble floors and a drawbridge for accessing out-of-reach wines, all of it illuminated by the golden glow of the artwork around which the corkscrewing layout winds.”

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