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Highness Indigenous Creation lab

The Highness Indigenous Creation Lab transcends the boundaries of Contemporary Art through innovative technologies, mediums, processes, and fabrication methods. We firmly believe that Indigenous Art holds a pivotal position at the forefront of the global Contemporary Art world.

We actively seek the participation of Indigenous artists and allies to co-create cutting-edge masterpieces and revolutionary concepts in the Contemporary Art realm. Through these synergistic partnerships, we aim to build a diverse and inclusive community that nurtures creativity, promotes knowledge sharing, and fosters artistic growth.

Innovation extends beyond the art that is formed to how knowledge is shared. We are dedicated to supporting our artist in their aim of redefining the traditional boundaries of knowledge exchange in the art world. The productions of The Lab are designed to encompass community engagement and interactive programming elements, enabling artists to connect with and inspire a wider, more diverse audience.

Our Lab places a strong emphasis on mentorship and supporting emerging Indigenous artists. We firmly believe in cultivating talent and offering avenues for growth, ensuring that the upcoming generation of Indigenous creatives can flourish and leave an indelible mark on the art world.

As stewards of the land, a core mission of The Lab is to explore sustainable materials that harmonize with the profound themes woven into the artworks of the artists. Committed to safeguarding our planet as responsible stewards, The Lab is dedicated to weaving eco-friendly practices into the very fabric of artistic creation.

Guiding our journey as The Lead Indigenous Consultant of The Lab is the esteemed professional artist, Nyle Miigizi Johnston.

Legacy Making Project
Adult, Youth and Community Workshops
Innovative Knowledge Transfer
Private Art Commissions
Brand Collaborations
Technological Infused Land Acknowledgements
Public Art

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