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Bespoke Business Ambassadors™

Business Architects

Like a beautifully tailored suit, we act as Bespoke Business Ambassadors™ and carefully customize our services to elevate the firms in The Highness Embassy (our carefully curated portfolio of clients).

The Highness model innovates the global advisory business and addresses what we have found to be critical shortfalls in the traditional business world. It is our belief that we can all prosper by thinking bigger and acting better.

Our model is unconstrained allowing us to offer valuable strategic advice, ambassadorship services and business architecture suited to the needs of our clientele. We take a fearless, organic and creative approach to growing the businesses of our clients. No rules. No ceilings. No thumbs.™ The fluidity of brand enhances our value as it allows everyone encountered to be a prospect and every interaction to be a potential opportunity for the clients we represent.

The Highness Experience feels like none other.  It is a made-to-order cocktail of progressiveness and modernity blended with trusted character and old-world charm.

We are industry agnostic. We believe in the company you keep and therefore, are by referral only.


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Amana Manori is the Chief Executive Officer of Highness Global Inc. With a deep multi-disciplinary network, Amana has founded Highness to leverage her skills and relationships to foster the growth of conceptual, emerging and/or impactful businesses. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit, passion and intuition have proven to be valuable drivers to support, encourage and fuel the success of others.

Amana has over 17 years of global capital markets experience with a specialization in alternative investments, private opportunities and sophisticated capital. After earning her law degree, Amana began her financial career in the Canadian hedge fund space. From here, Amana was recruited to become the Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of the Canadian arm of one of the largest global hedge fund providers – the Man Group, plc. After leaving Man, Amana built her own legal practice, Lattice Legal LLP that specialized in alternative investment infrastructure and investment fund compliance. Most recently, Amana was the Managing Partner of Introduction Capital Inc., a relationship brokering firm matching capital to alternative investment opportunities.

Amana obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law in British Columbia. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with distinction in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Victoria. Amana is a member in good standing of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

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