Highness Capital

The Highness Embassy

The Highness Embassy is our purposefully constructed portfolio that houses our clients. Like any other embassy, the objective of The Highness Embassy is to promote, connect and to assist in any way that we can in support of business success and professional achievement. 

We serve our clients in a multitude of ways.  We provide management, agency, representation, promotion and strategy. We consult on infrastructure, formation, growth and development. As a value add, we connect our clients to solution providers, human capital and strategic capital. In many cases, we identify drivers and goals to correct course and repair brand misalignment.  We have a special skill in recognizing individuals who have the right ingredients for commercial success but need someone to instigate them into action, champion them and provide endorsement. 

If you are in the Highness Embassy, everyone in our growing universe is a potential participant in your growth story. 

We subscribe to a collaborative prosperity model that fosters the development of members of The Highness Embassy, as well as, all those who contribute to its success including Highness Accelerators (our recommended solution providers).