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Highness Global Inc. would like to say a huge thank you to Levi Cooperman and the FreshBooks team

Highness Global Inc. would like to say a huge thank you to Levi Cooperman and the FreshBooks team for the generous donation of much needed laptops to St. Stephen’s Community House and The Neighbourhood Group (TNG).

TNG is Toronto-based charitable anti-poverty organization serves people at every stage of their lives, promotes independence and dignity. During these challenging times, TNG is supporting people living in shelters and experiencing mental health and substance use issues, as well as, refugees staying in shelters because they are new to Canada.   To date our Peer Support Workers have helped 647 people to live in COVID19 Positive Isolation Sites that are 3 converted hotels.  Our Peer Support Workers work 24/7 shifts with doctors and nurses and shelter workers to keep people safe and in recovery from COVID19.  The Peer Support Worker team includes current and former service users in recovery who are trained and dedicated to providing emotional and social support to their peers still living in shelters.


TNG still needs 40 laptops and software licenses to allow the Peer support workers to be mobile while they (1) communicate with supervisors, residents and family members,  (2) research services information, (3) participate in training, and (4) document their work.  If you/your organizations have any extra laptops, please let Amana Manori  know and we can coordinate the donation.