Highness Capital

The Hand Eye Society (HES) Ball

Toronto’s one-night celebration of contemporary art games and playful experiences from around the world returns! The Hand Eye Society (HES) Ball – its annual fancy videogame party – helps raise funds for the non-profit to sustain ongoing programming, as well as contribute towards another amazing decade exploring and supporting the playful arts. Please contact me for more information on SPONSORSHIP and other tailored exposure. The HES Ball has sold out to 700 guests for the last five years! Do not miss out on this extravagant celebration.

Sponsorship package:  https://handeyesociety.com/event/hes-ball-early-bird-tickets-sale-now-prices-increase-next-month/

Ticket sales:  https://handeyesociety.com/event/hes-ball-early-bird-tickets-sale-now-prices-increase-next-month/