Highness Capital


Photocred: @jennyrowsom from left to right Amana Manori (Highness Global), Jennifer Lomax (Lomax & Co.), Eliott Behar (Inscape Privacy), Shazeen Virani (Virtue Strategic Advisors)

The Highness X Team is the union of serendipitous connections that has birthed a collective unlike any other. It is composed of high pedigree individuals who are experts in their respective fields (i.e. Highness X-perts). Together, the Highness X Team offers an enticing partnership for any individual or group that is seeking optimization to achieve full potential. The Highness X Team seamlessly works together to offer both a multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to unearthing (and protecting) your ‘gold’. The Highness X Team is true testament to the power of Collaborative Prosperity.