Highness Capital


As the moon’s light is the sun reflected, the power in understanding one’s alternate self can be illuminating. Complexities captured in phases, appearing, disappearing and re-appearing over the fullness of our being. Balancing the heat of a spirit with the cool of a soul can only be done in abstracted ways. This ferocious Year of the Tiger, we honour what is mirrored and positioned in polarities, a luxurious journey into opposition. Inspired by haute couture design, the honoured felines represent a statement of equality and strength. Combining the universal and the elemental, the harmonic and the equilibrium that exists within everything and all of us. The ever-present Ying and the omniscient Yang, back to back, unique and inseparable, constantly shedding and renewing; a lesson hidden in plain sight.

Materials used: Mirror stainless steel. Mirror brass. Anodized Aluminum. Phenolic. Diamond-dusted paint.