Highness Capital


Highness Global Inc. & Highness Global Capital Inc. was founded and built by Amana Manori. As a Bespoke Business Ambassador (TM), Highness manages, represents and champions like-minded woman-founded/woman-led firms. Among these notable women-bosses are: Senofer MendozaRebecca KacabaShazeen ViraniJennifer Lomax, Fahra Panos. Highness also represents a women in the arts: justyna werbelMagdalena MGillian Chambers,Vishana Lodhia  & Jennifer Rowsom. Speak to us today if you have a mandate, an interest and/or a curiosity to invest in, support the growth of or use the service of exceptional female-founded, female-built and female-run businesses. Let’s build a world of champions together.